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My New World: Teachers College, Columbia University

Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2009 by fractalbridge

I’ve recently added a new world to my New York City life–I was officially accepted this April into the Doctorate of Education program in Interdisciplinary Studies at Teachers College or Columbia University on 120th Street near Harlem in New York City! The departements I’ll be working with are Psychology in Education, Social-Organizational Psychology, Philosophy of Education, Curriculum and Teaching, and other departments related to transformative education and emotional learning!


Here are the professors who will be on my graduate studies committee team:

1) Megan Laverty from the Philosophy of Education Department (


2) Peter Coleman from the department of Social-Organizational Psychology (


Peter is also the head of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution!

3) Deanna Kuhn from the department of Psychology and Education (


4) Lynn Bejoian from the department of Curriculum and Teaching (

5) Richard Keller from Psychology in Education.

They represent the dream team for my Interdisciplinary Studied Doctorate of Education Program in my goal of bridging transformative education and emotional learning to the education system!

I visited Teacher’s College for events in these departments and already I have 4-6 new great contacts (professors, fellow graduate students, socratic seminar attendees, etc) from my two evenings there. It’s becoming clear that this will be an entire world unto itself for me in New York.

But then it got even better! When I looked up information about Megan Laverty, I noticed that she has been involved with an ongoing Socratic methods/Salon group at Columbia led by a man named Ron Gross. You can read about his at this site: and here is a photo of him dressed at Socrates!


Ron also has a “Conversation Cafe” ( at Columbia which has a similar purpose of stimulating conversation and “great talk” as a means of improving oneself, creating community and making the world a better place.

Ron has said he will be lead one of my next Salons so keep updated on when he will host!