I Teach at the Green School in Brooklyn


Some friends have asked me about my teaching and counseling career in New York (I’m also a Life Coach).

I teach, help with life skills, and indirectly help with the emotional and social development of teens at The Green School in East Williamsburg, a part of Brooklyn.  It is a remarkable school focused on sustainability and designing effective curriculum for kids with a wide variety of learning styles.  The teachers at this school are inspired.  From the moment I walked into the building for my first interview I could feel the energy and intense commitment of staff.

The Green School is in the middle of the projects. It is about 75% African American and the rest mostly Hispanic and Middle Eastern.  I believe there are only two “white” student in the school.  We all went through a diversity training called “Undoing Racism” at the beginning of the year.  It was intense and confronting.

The day after Obama was elected there were groups of students hugging, chanting, crying, laughing, and celebrating.  I’ve never see a group of teens who understood and felt that level of awareness of the impact of this election.  The entire day there were chants of “Obama.”  A tangible joy swept through the school and each day continues to bring more and more enthusiasm about the possibilities for the future.

The Green movement is gaining incredible momentum everywhere. Now that Obama is president, more inspiration, funding and political support will be pumped into inner city schools.  We are at the crossroads of BOTH of these movements and have two directors who have known each other since their leadership training a decade ago.

In other words, it is anticipated that our school will take one of the center stages in the exciting world of public education.   It’s advised that our school fasten it’s seatbelt.


4 Responses to “I Teach at the Green School in Brooklyn”

  1. Scott, this is wonderful and a great way to keep up with you.

    I’ll be back.

  2. Truth is you were my original inspiration for creating a blog and my first entry was to your much missed blog from two years ago. Good to hear from you 🙂

  3. Melancholic Amnesiac Says:

    Hey Scott!

    It’s Diana – a freshman from your history class at Aurora High School. It’s so crazy you live in New York now. I remember my freshman year we watched the twin towers fall in your classroom and you tried to put it in context in history. That’s was my first week of high school.

    Now I look at you still teaching and I’m happy there are other kids who are going to learn so much from you.

    Anyway, I’ve been freelance fiction writing for a very meager living in Portland, Oregon while going to Reed, and I have this blog on wordpress – http://forgets.wordpress.com

    – and I want to put you on my blogroll and maybe you can link to me too?

    Alright, hope everything is spectacular, including your holiday.

    -D. O.

  4. Thank you Diana and great to hear from you!
    Wow, what an intense day that was…
    Congrats on getting into Reed, one of the best schools
    on the west coast!

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