There’s Something Happening Here…

November 9th Salon

November 9th Salon

There’s something happening here…
What it is ain’t exactly clear…

It seems like once every ten years or so in my life there evolves what seems to be a “community phenomenon” where a very special group of people “find each other” and coalesce into something very magical. When this happens I’m reminded of the Dr. Scott Peck book about community in which he writes, amongst many other things “In and through community is the salvation of the world.” While it may indeed be what saves the world or at least causes real change in society, there is also, of course, the side that it just feels so damn good! Almost like an extra gift that you did not expect and just seems at times too good to be true.

But how did this all happen? The size and shape and energy of our community has changed and shifted over the past few months, but there is also some essence that has remained the same throughout. Here is some history…

I moved to New York on April 4th and already knew Todd because he was in a relationship with one of my favorite people from my hometown area of San Francisco named Penny. When they shifted into a friendship I ended up spending time with Todd in a different context. I met Julia over the summer and we connected immediately and had wonderful conversations. We had had a few gatherings with Julia over the summer including a Salon I held and a concert in Prospect Park that Todd told us about. I am deeply in love with singing and go to many singing-related events. Of all the singers I met, two of them stood way out over the summer: Aileen Morgan who I met at an event at which she performed, and Erika Hennings from my favorite singing spot in the world–Marie’s Crisis Cafe. Later in the summer I met Adrianna. From the moment I met Adrianna in the Lower East Side we sensed that “something was happening here” and that we were meant to create something with film and/or community. Within a few weeks I met a few of Adrianna’s friends including her boyfriend. The same night I met her friend Ernest before we all went out to see a film. That night and the next night after a Brazilian event Ernest and I had deep conversations and became instant friends.

My birthday is always at the end of the summer/beginning of Fall and it’s a time I like to bring people together in a special way. Todd was kind enough to allow me to hold the party at his home which was much more comfortable than my residence at the time since I am new to NY and was in housing transition while starting a new job. My birthday was a key night as Aileen sang for the entire group, Erika sang for everyone, and we had an intimate group discussion that Todd, Adrianna and Ernest brought so much to. I shared an Irish quote I had seen: “In this pub there are no strangers…only friends who have not yet met.” Little did I know how true that would prove to be! A small group of us lingered together until late. One of the main things that happened that night is that it seems Adrianna, Ernest, Todd and Julia fell in love with each other! They started to spend time together
even in pairs after this party.

Soon after this we had some very special times together. Todd drove five of us up north to Sleepy Hollow to attend a pumpkin festival with 6000 carved pumpkins. Even more powerful than that was our visit to a graveyard nearby where we sipped wine and took many photos of our group…so magical.

A week later we had a Halloween party at Adrianna’s and all went out to be in the huge parade. We got to decorate and paint each other and then go out and show it off! Aileen’s amazing singing partner Diana who I originally met the night I met Aileen and who performed at our first Salon in June also joined us. Halloween was the night that I first met David Potter. David and I have a common friend we’ve known for about 20 years and this common friend named Jerry candalaria (who himself created a transformative method back in California that has touched many people’s lives) “set us up.” David just sort of magically became a part of our community and in fact he even became my housemate three days later!

A big portion of us also spent Election Night celebrating the election of Barack Obama. I thought it so symbolic that at the same time that our remarkable community was forming, a new change through Obama and thus a kind of community was forming for the entire country and world!

I held two more Salon gatherings at my home and we sang together (Aileen blessed us with her music both times) and ate together and even did some intentional community-building activities that brought us even closer and connected us more. I think we’ve all been getting just how unusual and precious this connection is that we have.

We gathered together just the other night for a party at Aileen’s home and got into a kind of “massage train.” We had so much fun we almost did not want to leave and some of us were together for 10 straight hours. Aileen introduced us to her friend Danielle who seemed to naturally connect to us like family.

So there you have it…there’s something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear…but it gets more clear over time and most of all I just feel thankful at this time of Thanksgiving…thankful for the love, thankful for the fun, thankful for being seen, thankful for the community, and even thankful for the way the universe reveals that there are patterns and currents in life that we don’t even know exist until they are manifest before our very eyes, often through a community of friends, as if to tell us there is a part of ourselves we can only understand, only get, only have revealed, only know through the reflection of a community that emerges to us and shows us who that part of us is…



4 Responses to “There’s Something Happening Here…”

  1. Love love love love love LOVE love LOVE LOVE LOVE love love

  2. Scott,,,,
    This is the first time I have read what you wrote….great pic by the way..
    Love the narrative..Blog on!
    Such a kaleidescope of views on what happened, is happening, happens at this special tim in history……personal and beyond..
    Thank you all for welcoming me in to your union…so much more to see and know about each other and about life itself thru each others experience…that title is such a great title, Where did you get it?

  3. fractalbridge Says:

  4. “love
    so many people use your name in vain
    those who have faith in you sometimes go astray
    through all the ups and downs the joys and hurts
    for better or worse i still will choose you first”

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